@Bntheloop Scoop: Full Album Review On Justin TImberlake’s The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2. (Writer: @UrbanNoize x Co-Writer: @HunterIsBizzy)

After making his return to music this year alongside veteran hit maker Timbaland, who produced the whole of the highest selling album in 2013, his 20/20 Experience, the Tennessee native releases the sexy, dark, & provocative, 12 track sequel of it titled “The 20/20 Experience 20 2 of 2. Featuring each track that didn’t make the cut for the first project.” Describing it as the “hotter, older, evil twin sister of part 1. & To compliment the seductive project, Timberlake assembled the likes of Drake, for the mid tempo grooving ode to the women of exotic gentlemen clubs titled Cabaret. & Jay Z for the brassy driven, premeditated sexual rendezvous Murder. As well as that comes the featured singles. The feel good, retro disco, Michael Jackson esque, Take Back The Night. & The ambitious, boxing metaphors TKO. 
Things go from sexy to haunting on 2 of 2 with the blood sucking & alluring True Blood. & The smoldering, animalistic Gimme What I Don’t Know (I Want). & Also, rock to blues on the bluesy & downcast Drink You Away. & The rock guitar driven Only When I Walk Away.
All in all, 2 of 2 displays Timberlake’s effortless musical crossover ability, with being able to go from dance, r&b, & funk, to pop, electro, rock, & blues. While maintaining the dark,& sexier vibe he described. Not as upbeat,hybrid club hits and radio record killers as Part 1 of this series but still strong enough to stand on it’s own by all means. As JT looks to keep this come back momentum going and we believe he is back and better than before.
(Purchase “The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2” Here
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